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Monday, October 31, 2016

Saud Bahwan Group - Update

I am about to complete 8 years of service at Saud Bahwan Group. When I joined this group in December 2008 I had posted my first impressions about the place (Muscat), my new job and some 'feel good' factors about the company too. During the course of my tenure here I have been getting a lot of queries regarding the cost of living, working conditions, the atmosphere at work, work culture and questions about the place in general from a motley group of folks. The queries were mostly from prospective candidates who were shortlisted by the company during the interview rounds which our HR guys conduct at various places in India. Some were from guys from other Gulf countries who were contemplating a change. Some disgruntled souls who had left the company also posted negative comments about the group. 

Just like I mentioned in my previous post a 'google search' on Saud Bahwan Group must be showing related posts from this blog too. From time to time I have made it clear to such people who e-mailed their queries to me to 'not get carried away' by what I had mentioned about Saud Bahwan Group and the place as these were my personal impressions and were not meant to sway anyone's judgement. There is a lot of information floating around in cyberspace and information can also be gleaned from 'word-of-mouth' sources (friend of a friend of a friend etc, etc) or the local grapevine (which we call 'lungi gupp') in case someone has a friend from Kerela. One should reach a conclusion after thoroughly researching all available inputs. To all such inquisitive folks I must say that my take on life may be diametrically opposite to yours considering my area of expertise, qualifications, experience, designation, age, attitude, level of expectations, etc, etc. 

Some illustrious people who, before leaving the organization for good, go through the 'generally accepted practice' of composing a fine piece of prose in praise of the organization, the wonderful support received from superiors and colleagues and how the company helped them grow into fine human beings and how the experience enriched their lives. Such lavish praise is showered by a majority of folks prior to leaving the company for good. I find it unbecoming on their part to pass negative comments about the workplace particularly when they have been so vocal in their praise while they were here. One such guy posted a comment regarding his fundamental right being infringed upon by having to deposit his passport for 'safe keeping' with the company. Well, if this policy is a 'deal-breaker' for you then don't join the group or if you are in service and this rankles, then 'chuck it' man. As far as I am concerned, it is no big deal for me. I have received my passport well in time whenever I wanted to travel without any fuss whatsoever. Sometimes (and I have traveled a lot of times owing to the court case which I have mentioned in an earlier post) I have got the passport at very short notice and at times no notice at all.

Some other gentleman has commented that the environment is very political and the work culture worse than a Government organization in India. Here again, I must reiterate, that this is an individual opinion and one must take a call on what to do about it if the perception is such. Early in my service I had heard of a saying in hindi which goes thus: "नौकरी  करनी है तो नखरा कैसा ?" We seek employment for various reasons or compulsions and every job has its pros and cons. We do not have the liberty to choose our bosses and if you have to work under some 'stuck up' guy or a 'fuddy-duddy' then it is just too bad mister. Blame it on luck !

As far as I am concerned I am quite satisfied with my lot and things are cool.

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